openapi: 3.0.1 info: title: Youtube/Article to anything description: Create repurposed content from youtube url version: 'v1' servers: - url: paths: /url-to-anything: post: operationId: youtubeToAnything summary: Generate content from youtube/article url description: Generate repurposed content of youtube url based content. requestBody: required: true content: application/json: schema: $ref: '#/components/schemas/Data' responses: '200': description: Content Generation Successful content: application/json: schema: $ref: '#/components/schemas/ContentResponse' '400': description: Invalid input. '500': description: Internal server error. components: schemas: Data: type: object properties: url: type: string description: Url of the youtube video message: type: string description: The message to get repurposed content. e,g, "make facebook advertisements" required: - url - message ContentResponse: type: array description: An array of messages based on which repurposed content should be generated by GPT items: type: object properties: role: type: string description: The role associated with the content (e.g., "system", "user"). content: type: string description: The actual content or message.